Why choose Novvak Jewellery?

The Company's Mission

Through our many years of experience and love of jewellery we wish to provide our clients with personalized, luxury jewellery, tailored to their dreams. We share a passion for the beauty and uniqueness of jewellery.

About Novvak Jewellery

The Novvak Jewellery brand is built on the established position of the company P.U.H.P. JubiNo, a family goldsmith business established by Ryszard Nowak in 1980, which produces and sells jewellery in its shops in Poland. Handing down the passion for making jewellery to his sons Rajmund and Marcin opened up new possibilities for the company, most notable, it gave rise to the idea of helping customers fulfil their dreams of having exceptional jewellery designed according to their individual wishes. For these customers, in 2013 we created the Novvak Jewellery brand which is a whole new quality of jewellery ‒ personalised, perfect, luxurious.

Novvak Jewellery specialises in creating exclusive jewellery using precious stones including diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. We have a wide range of jewellery: rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, signet rings, cuff links, necklaces, wedding rings and many other painstakingly and passionately made items. Besides women's jewellery, we also have a special collection for modern men which includes products combining the beauty and subtelty of black diamonds in a sophisticated black enamel.

The Novvak Jewellery brand includes finished products designed by Marcin Nowak and jewellery selected by our experts for demanding customers.

Novvak Jewellery also transforms our clients' dreams into reality, making personalised jewellery for them designed according to individual wishes and their own ideas.

In line with our clients' expectations, Novvak Jewellery proposes three possible ways to turn your ideas and dreams into jewellery:

  1. DESIGN JEWELLERY - designing your own jewellery, i.e. earrings, rings, pendants and wedding rings on the basis of available elements. The client designs the jewellery according to their own preferences, selecting the right colour of the metal, shape of bands (in rings and bracelets) and the size, shapes and colours of the diamonds. The client has full visualisation of the created jewellery throughout the whole process. Then the design is produced according to the client's guidelines in the Novvak Jewellery workshop.
  2. CREATE WITH THE DESIGNER - this is direct cooperation with our designer, who will create a 3D model of the jewellery on the basis of the ideas, sugestions and dreams of the client. Our specialist will consult the client at every specific stage throughout the whole process, right up until final confirmation. Then the design is produced in the Novvak Jewellery workshop.
  3. E-SHOP - is the version in which clients can select from the finished, exclusive and fashionable jewellery from the designed by Marcin Nowak collection or items chosen by Novvak Jewellery experts for their originality and uniqueness.