How to purchase

With the complete satisfaction of our customers in mind, we propose three methods for obtaining your ideal style of jewellery:

  3. E-SHOP



After choosing the tab "DESIGN JEWELLERY", you will be transferred to the area which will help you independently design your ideal jewellery based on pre-defined elements. This action starts with selecting the type of jewellery you want to make from one of these four categories:

  1. Rings
  2. Pendants
  3. Earrings
  4. Bracelets


The jewellery design process itself is very intuitive, therefore this service shouldn't be problematic. On the left side there is a panel which will enable you to modify specific parts of the jewellery design, such as selecting which Novvak Jewellery collection the pre-defined model should be chosen from, then you choose the type of model, shape and size of the central stone (visualisation: smaller and larger stone) and colour of the gold you want it to be made in. The visualisation of your jewellery is the picture on the right side of the screen, under which there are icons enabling you to view the item from different perspectives and in 3D. When the design is ready, click "CONTINUE" and go to selection of the appropriate stone which will then be used to make your design. Alongside the previous panel, you have to determine the specific characteristics of the diamond you want using a slide rule. Depending on your requirements, you can select the appropriate stone using a standard or advanced search. After you have found your ideal diamond, click "CONTINUE". Then you will find yourself at the summary of the jewellery you have designed. After clicking "CONTINUE", add your product to the basket where the sale process will take place. Then the design is produced in the Novvak Jewellery workshop.



This is this is direct cooperation with our designer, who will create a 3D model of the jewellery on the basis of the ideas, suggestions and dreams of the client. This is then consulted with the client, right up to the point of final confirmation. Then the design is produced in the Novvak Jewellery workshop.



In the e-shop you will find the catalogue of finished, exclusive and fashionable jewellery from the designed by Marcin Nowak collection or items chosen by Novvak Jewellery experts for their originality and uniqueness. Products are grouped according to specific categories which lets you quickly access the type of piece you're most interested in.

After selecting the category you want, patterns will become available in it and you can read the precise specifications of them in the product details for each one. Here you will find specific information about materials, prices and time frame for carrying out the order of the selected model. If one of the items particularly catches your eye, you just have to state the amount of them you want, then click "add to basket" and go to the "BASKET" option at the top of the page. If you are purchasing rings, bracelets or signet rings, you must also indicate the size.



In the basket you will find the jewellery you have selected. To conclude the purchase, click "CONTINUE" and go through the registration or login process. You can also collect products from our company in person at four sales points in Poland (you can find the addresses in the "CONTACT" page) or by courier.
The last stage of making an order is selecting form of payment (e.g. bank transfer, electronic payment using the PayU system or payment on collection).