Designing Jewellery

Creating jewellery is our passion. We want to share this passion, giving you the chance to design the jewellery of your dreams. With us you can create completely personalised jewellery, allowing you to capture a moment from your life, made just for you - simply unique. It is, and has always been, our pleasure to make so many of your dreams a reality. Here are several examples of projects we have co-created:

A collection of diamond jewellery with a coral reef motif: Him and Her - diving enthusiasts, enchanted by all the underwater world has to offer, particularly coral reefs. This also led us to create a collection of jewellery (ring, earrings and pendants) with diamonds and openwork motifs resembling this coral. This collection was a surprise gift for her.


Kolekcja - motyw rafy koralowej


Pierscionek - rafa koralowa

Wedding rings: Him and Her - appreciating the classics, but also liking a little bit of extravagance, similar, but also very different from each other. We created simple wedding rings for them in a modern and unique form. Her - a wedding ring from white gold, semicircle inset with two rows of white diamonds, highlighted with heart-shaped openings, with etchings of his fingerprints on the inside. Him - a wedding ring from white gold, side edge inset with black diamonds, with etchings of her fingerprints on the inside.

Obraczki - biale i czarne diamentyObraczki - biale i czarne diamenty


Ring on the occasion of the birth of son: Him – a future father, who was moved and enchanted by the sight of the beating heart of his future son on one of their first sonograms. The heart was to be the main motif of this surprise gift ring that this future father wanted to give to the future mother. We created a ring with a central emerald surrounded by eight diamonds. Under the emerald plate we placed a black diamond in the shape of a heart so the parents could look at the ring and always remember this amazing moment in their life when they saw their son's heart beating for the first time.


Pierscionek - szmaragd, diamenty i czarne serduszko


Pierścionek z okazji narodzin syna: On – przyszły tata, którego wzruszył i zauroczył widok bijącego serduszka przyszłego synka na jednym z pierwszych badań usg podczas ciąży. To serduszko miało być głównym motywem niespodziankowego pierścionka, jaki przyszły tata chciał podarować przyszłej mamie. Stworzyliśmy pierścionek z centralnym szmaragdem otoczonym ośmioma diamentami. Pod taflą szmaragdu umieściliśmy czarny diament oprawiony w kształt serca, by rodzice patrząc na pierścionek zawsze wspominali ten wyjątkowy moment w życiu, gdy po raz pierwszy zobaczyli  bijące serduszko potomka.