About the Designer


Marcin Nowak

Passionate about designing jewellery, winner of many awards in Poland and abroad. Graduate of the Jewellery Department of the Academy of Fine Arts (AFA) in Łódź,  he was already leading classes with students in the Computer Aided Jewellery Design workshop at the AFA in Łódź  in the fifth year of his degree. In 2013 he started his doctorate in jewellery design using the most modern technologies. The topic of his paper was "Openwork jewellery created on the basis of parametric design and generative techniques". He has been passionate about jewellery since childhood, as his family had a strong tradition of jewellers.

Since 2006 he has been working with the CAD/CAM computer system for designing jewellery in 3D. He designs jewellery both for people who value individuality and originality and for companies looking for exclusive items for their employees or VIP clients. His achievements include many projects:  rings, specifically engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, signet rings, medals, cuff links, lapel pins and many more.

Examples of jewellery designed on special order are shown in the page CREATE WITH THE DESIGNER.


Awards and distinctions:

01/05/2013 - Silver Award Winner in the "2013 Customer Competition" in Basel, Switzerland.

25/11/2009 - prize winner in the first edition of the "Dremel Art" competition, organised by Bosch.

30/06/2009 - distinction in the "Love Chopin" competition for jewellery design inspired by the music of Chopin.

11/2008 - main prize for the "Projekt 2008" competition from the company Górecki.

07/05/2007 - prizewinner in the "Modna Nokia" competition for NOKIA phone charms from the L'Amour collection.



2008-2011 - participation in the "Zlote Kreacje" 50th anniversary exhibit of jewellery design art at the AFA in Łódź .

  • Galeria Waidspeicher, Erfurt -2011
  • Teatr Współczesny in Warsaw - 2010
  • Amber museum in Gdańsk - 2009
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź -2009
  • Regional Museum in Toruń - 2009
  • Regional Museum in Sadomierz - 2009
  • Internationale Handwerksmesse-Handwerk & Design-Germany -2009
  • Galeria Stanko in Wrocław -2009
  • Galeria Sztuki in Legnica -2009
  • Contemporary Art Gallery in Włocławek -2009


24/11/2012 - graduate show of the AFA in Łódź - "Shared point of view" at the Open Gallery in Sandomierz

24/09/2012 - exhibition of works by teachers, graduates and students of the Jewellery Department of AFA in Łódź in Kaliningrad

13/11/2012 - exhibit after the Sandomierz Goldsmith Exhibitions "Flint - Stone of Optimism" at the Regional Museum in Sandomierz. Works in the museum’s collections.

09/06/2012 - "Integration" exhibition in Tomaszów Mazowiecki

20/10/2011 - graduate exhibition of the Jewellery Department at the "Łódź Design 2011" festival

13/10/2011 - exhibition at AV17 Gallery in Vilnius

12/05/2011 - Jewellery Department Diploma Show 2010 at the Yes Gallery in Poznan

03/03/2011 - exhibition of the best diploma projects of Academy of Fine Arts students "AFA 2010"

08/15/2010 - individual exhibition at Galeria Zlota, AFA Łódź

15/10/2010 - participation in the autumn edition of Fashion Week Poland in Łódź

01/10/2010 - participation in the "Gold, Silver, Time" jewellery fair in Warsaw

19/10/2009 - participation in the special design of a unique model of Ergorapido vacuum cleaner for Electrolux