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    Contact us and we will guide you through the path of gemstones. With top quality.

    Marcin Nowak
    Jewellery Designer

    @: designer@novvak.com

    Dream project

    Multigenerational passion for diamonds. Need to create perfect projects. Perfection in smallest details. Contact the Designer.

    Novvak Jewellery

    Ul. Wilhelma Konrada Roentgena 23 lok. 7
    02-781 Warszawa
    phone: +48 222 99 07 07
    @: info@novvak.com

    Opening hours

    Monday – Friday
    10.00 A.M. – 5.00 P.M.
    Appointment required

    Rajmund Nowak
    Investment jewellery

    @: inwestycje@novvak.com

    Safe investment

    Safe way to invest your capital. Give your loved one a unique gift. Keep family traditions alive. Invest in what connects you. Make an appointment with our Expert.

    Your jewellery requires reservation.
    Contact us.