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    Unique moments, places visited together, passions and secrets known only to you. Capture these moments in unique jewellery. Designed as expected, perfectly made and incomparably perfect. Highlighting the preciousness of your moments thanks to our multigenerational passion for diamonds, incredible knowledge and the power of Novvak Jewellery tradition.

    See how to turn dreams into reality.

    Projects of others

    No idea for original jewellery? Get inspired!
    See how others did it:

    Special Moment: Engagement. Inspiration: Music.

    Music is her whole life. She is the whole world for him…This is how a unique engagement ring for a music enthusiast was created, in which the central stone is in the shape of a treble clef.

    Special Moment: Engagement Inspiration: Skydiving.

    Original passions require exceptional capturing. The engagement ring was designed using the open parachute theme. The combination of two colors of gold, partly openwork construction, the perfect selection of side and central stones were a nice surprise for the lover of sky-high sensations.

    Special moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Passion for motorcycles.

    They both like classics and motorcycle rides together. We created for them simple, yet modern wedding rings. We used the motif of the rear motorcycle tire Michelin Grip 2 and placed it on the outside of the jewellery. Have a safe trip!

    Special moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Diving.

    A young couple enchanted by the underwater world. Their common passion allowed them to create unique wedding rings inspired by coral reef. Openwork jewellery with a classic profile, in white and yellow gold, perfectly emphasized their strong relationship.

    Special moment: Wedding. Inspiration: James Bond.

    True enthusiasts of 007 movies organized a wedding party in the James Bond style. We prepared for them platinum wedding rings with the Specter octopus. For her, we also included a black diamond. For their guests, we prepared bullet-like pendants with the initials of the bride and groom and little diamons. After all, “diamonds are eternal!”

    Special moment: Birth of a child. Inspiration: Beating heart.

    When the parents heard their baby’s heartbeat for the first time, they completely fell in love with him. This is how the idea for a unique jewellery for their loved one was born. We created a unique ring with an emerald in the middle surrounded by eight diamonds. Under its surface we placed a black diamond framed in the shape of a heart. So that the future mother can always have it with her.

    Special moment: Baptism. Inspiration: Unique memento for years.

    The caring Godmother took care of her baby at the very beginning of his life path. As a memento of the Baptism, she gave the 5-month-old hero of this event an extraordinary gift. We helped her create a personalized yellow gold cross with black diamonds. To show that he is her whole world. The godmother decided to decorate the symbol of faith with the date of Baptism, initials and … a fingerprint of the child.

    Special moment: Wedding anniversary.
    Inspiration: Women love diamonds.

    This day marks their 20th wedding anniversary. They both remember the day they said “yes” to each other. For the porcelain anniversary, he gave her a unique diamond ring. In the setting of this central, one-carat, white diamond, we have placed the year 1996. The date when it all started. So that they can enjoy the glitter of their love and wait for their next anniversaries. The diamond anniversary too.

    Special moment: Wedding anniversary.
    Inspiration: Wild nature.

    Predatory character and strong personality – he fell in love with her at first sight. The common passion for wildlife inspired him to create original jewellery. This is how the incredibly unique earrings with a pattern of panther spots were created. Green emeralds surrounded by yellow gold are accompanied by 36 diamonds. Precious stones were placed in open mouths of remarkable wild cats. All that was missing was a complementary ring. A unique emerald is held by the panther’s claws, and the number 24 was placed in the openwork surface visible from the inside of the ring.

    Special moment: Wedding anniversary.
    Inspiration: Wine, sea and love.

    It was him who took her to the sea for the first time. Together they have already spent 25 years. To emphasize the uniqueness of this moment, he created truly unique jewellery for her. The ring is made of platinum and 18k pink gold. It is decorated with extremely rare Paraiba tourmalines from Brazil. It symbolizes juicy grapevines and sea waves. Exactly what she loves the most.

    Special moment: Birthday. Inspiration: Family and horse riding.

    Two things are always particularly important to her: Family and horses. Her passion for horse riding which started at an early age only highlights her delicacy, loyalty and sensitivity to beauty. For her upcoming 40th birthday, her beloved Husband decided to give her a special gift. This is how a unique pendant in the shape of a horseshoe was created, where various gemstones symbolize her loved ones. The black diamond is her Son, the green diamonds are her two Daughters, the pink sapphires are her Sisters, and the four white diamonds are for Her alone. Empty places commemorate her beloved parents. This is an extremely personal and eternal memento inspired by passion.

    Special moment: Jubilee. Inspiration: Family passion for travel.

    For this family, life means travelling. A globe with marked continents became the motif for creating extraordinary jewellery for them. We used the 3D puzzle effect here – the spherical form breaks down into five unique pendants. Each one has the first letter of their names and their dates of birth. The whole emphasizes all the values of this unique Family.

    Special moment: That special one for him.
    Inspiration: Cars and motorcycles.

    What do men usually talk about? It’s obvious! About cars and motorcycles.Toyota GT86 and Ducati Diavel are just two of many inspirations mentioned at the beginning of the conversation about designing men’s jewellery. The shape of the sports car and the frame of the Italian motorcycle were used to create unique cufflinks and a lapel pin. And since speed likes black, we used dark palladium gold, black rhodium and black diamonds.


    Special moment: That special one for him.
    Inspiration: Chic and elegance.

    Jewellery accessories are reserved only for Women? Nothing could be more wrong. A true gentleman’s outfit should have exceptional details. Novvak Jewellery creates modern, stylish and personalized accessories for men. And exclusive cufflinks with initials or fingerprints, tuxedo shirt buttons in his favorite color are just some of them.

    Special moment: That special one for him.
    Inspiration: Parametric design.

    This unique openwork jewellery was created by Marcin Nowak, a true enthusiast of gemstones. Perfection and nobility were achieved through the use of parametric design and generative techniques. The parametric structure is the perfect background for the Asscher cut diamond in a man’s ring. Four red rubies and a star, which found its place by the setting of the central stone, add a personal touch.

    Special moment: That special one for him.
    Inspiration: Health.

    We value the health of our loved ones the most. This is how a bracelet inspired by a heart saving device was created. Its form is reminiscent of a life-important treatment. The bracelet was designed so that the variable diameter of the wrist after the procedure does not become an obstacle in wearing it. To create this jewellery, we used: white and yellow 14 ct gold and blue sapphires in combination with enamel.

    Special Moment: Engagement.
    Inspiration: From shared passion to love.

    “Mountains are fight, romance, escape and sport.” – Walter Bonati. When climbing together turned out to be more than an extreme expedition. Jewellery inspired by carabiners – perfectly matched, just like their owners. A lasting love that began in the mountains. To create this jewellery we used: yellow gold, white diamond and pink ruby in personalization.

    Special Moment: Engagement.
    Inspiration: Love and passion

    A ring showing the passion for kitesurfing of the other half. Designed to show the elements of the necessary equipment: bar, lines, kite. Carefully refined details represent love and remind of the moments spent together on water.

    Special moment: Anniversary. Inspiration: Written in the stars.

    The Sagittarius pendant is reminiscent of a bow and the perfect target – pearl. To create this jewellery we used: 18 ct pink gold, white pearl, white diamonds.

    Special Moment: Engagement.
    Inspiration: The Little Prince.

    Delicate jewellery reflecting the boy’s feelings for Rose in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novel. Rose made of rose gold and white diamonds. Surrounded by a platinum scarf with diamonds. Topped with a color-changing Csarite stone. The meticulousness of this jewellery becomes a symbol of the immensity and beauty of love.

    Special Moment: Engagement.
    Inspiration: Surge of love.

    They met in Cyprus, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Because they share a passion for water. This is how the ring was created. It symbolizes two waves enveloping a Csarite stone. To capture the beautiful beginning.

    Special moment: Birth of a child.
    Inspiration: Licorice.

    Licorice, a plant that delights with its delicate color, became the inspiration for the daughter’s name. Earrings designed in the shape of a flower became a priceless memento for the rest of her life. To create this jewellery we used: 18 ct yellow gold.

    Special Moment: Engagement.
    Inspiration: Aztec pyramid.

    A ring in which an unforgettable experience of two lovers is hidden. Travel to North America, Aztec culture and ancient architecture. This is what their engagement ring made of white gold and diamonds is supposed to represent. That one moment, impressing enough to inspire us to create perfect jewellery. To create this jewellery we used: diamonds with a carat weight of approx. 4ct.

    Special moment: Shared passion. Inspiration: Horse riding that connects.

    A ring made to convey what is most important for these two: the passion for horse riding. Jewellery designed with the utmost care becomes a symbol of the horse. To remind of the moments spent on horse riding together on the beach.

    Special Moment: Engagement.
    Inspiration: Lily flower.

    Delicate, elegant, impressive… Lily has delighted with its colors and number of varieties for years. It was this flower that became the inspiration to create a unique engagement ring. Love and passion.

    Special moment: Birth of a child. Inspiration: Infinity.

    „The infinite and the eternal are the only certainty” – Søren Kierkegaard.
    The symbol of a new chapter, the cycle of life and the beauty of birth was the motif of this unique ring. Combining natural blue sapphire with the infinite power of platinum.

    Special moment: Wedding anniversary.
    Inspiration: The Queen and her crown.

    He is a loving and devoted husband. She – the only rightful ruler of his heart. He needed something more than a unique gift to celebrate the years they’ve spent together. To design the ring, which is also a symbol of greatness and wisdom, we used pink and white gold as well as diamonds and pink rubies.

    Special moment: 18th birthday. Inspiration: Spine, cross.

    Frame, base, support… It was the spine, so important in our anatomy, that inspired us to create this unique gold pendant. Created with attention to every, even the smallest detail, it was given on the 18th birthday.

    Special moment: Wedding anniversary.
    Inspiration: Girl’s bow.

    To reflect the character of the owner with a perfect ring. This is how a special gift for an equally special wife was created. The bow was designed perfectly for her hands. To look perfect on her finger.

    Special moment: Exceptional moment.
    Inspiration: Rose thorns.

    A unique wedding ring symbolizing the duality of life. The rose on the inside symbolizes his wonderful moments. Without forgetting the hardships and obstacles of everyday life. Jewellery made of rose gold and black diamonds was given on the wedding anniversary. To emphasize its uniqueness, we added four diamonds symbolizing all family members.

    Special moment: Exceptional moment.
    Inspiration: Skull.

    An unusual gift for an exceptional doctor. His mission both at work and in everyday life is to help others. His vast knowledge was reflected in the form of a unique ring with a skull motif. When creating it, we used rose gold and black diamonds.

    Special moment: Anniversary. Inspiration: Zodiac sign – scorpio.

    The eighth astrological sign of the zodiac. Extremely strong character, distinguished by bravery, perspicacity and determination. It was the scorpion that became the inspiration to create unique cufflinks. Given to her invincible husband, made of white gold and black diamonds.

    Special Moment: Engagement.
    Inspiration: Celtic symbols.

    Originality deserves a unique form of immortality. On the occasion of the engagement, a unique ring was given to an enthusiast of the Celtic culture. The symbols referring to tattoos have become his personal amulet. When creating it, we used white gold and white diamond.

    How does it work?

    Unique projects don’t happen by chance. They require preparation, precision and time. The jewellery making process takes 4-8 weeks. That’s why you should make an appointment with our expert in advance (we suggest 2-3 months before the special event).

    See how unique rings are made!
    Design process:

    Creative session – meeting

    After making an appointment with our designer, we invite you to a meeting at the Novvak Jewelery Showroom. Tell us about your ideas, visions and passions, and we will introduce you to the impressive world of jewellery.

    Price – e-mail

    This stage takes about a week, depending on the gems you are looking for. We will send you an e-mail with the specification and price. How much is it? We treat each project individually. The final price depends on the metal, the choice of stones or the level of complexity of the pattern. You can always be sure that your choice will be of the highest quality. Which, after all, is priceless.


    After you accept the specification and price and make the deposit payment, we begin to create uniqueness…


    Our designers, full of passion for gemstones, begin to create a pattern. Everything is based on what we agreed with you. This stage usually takes about 2 weeks.

    Visualizations – e-mail

    Your unique design is ready. We will send you an e-mail with a personalized graphic visualization, using the metal and gemstones of your choice.

    Acceptance – e-mail or phone

    Your opinion is extremely valuable to us. After you share your thoughts and approve the project, we launch production. Professional proof of the highest Novvak quality? Statistically, 96% of our projects are accepted without comments the first time the visualization is sent.


    Magic enters its final stage. Production takes an average of 4-8 weeks. The production process and its duration may vary depending on the specifications. It starts with adapting the design to production and 3D printing, which, after casting in metal, is finished by hand.

    Collection – appointment or delivery

    Come to Novvak Jewellery and collect your unique jewellery. If you can’t meet us, we will be happy to send it to your address.

    How much is it?

    Each project is a new challenge. The final price depends not only on the metal and gemstones you choose, but also on how complex the pattern is. Example: gold rings with a diamond and initials inside start at PLN 3,700. For silver jewellery made on request, the price starts at PLN 1,800. Very often we work within specific budgets: You decide how much you want to spend on the project, and we show you the possibilities available within this price.


    Give some uniqueness to your loved one. Create a unique design with personalizations from Novvak Jewellery.

    Engagement ring

    You have finally found that person who is “the one”?  Give her exactly what she deserves. Outstanding workmanship, perfect proportions and perfection in the smallest detail. This is what Novvak Jewellery engagement rings are like.

    You can highlight their uniqueness with:

    How to choose the perfect one?

    Here are 4 steps to choose the perfect engagement ring:

    Choose the model

    you can use available designs prepared by Novvak Jewellery or design your own ring with us.

    Choose the right stone

    a stunning diamond, a flawless sapphire or a fiery ruby? You decide.

    Choose the metal

    choose one of the extraordinary shades of gold or phenomenal platinum.

    Surprise with personalization

    date, name, place, emotions… Put in the ring what is extremely important to you.

    You can emphasize their uniqueness thanks to:

    Square shank

    original aesthetics and practical comfort. Rest assured that your ring will always stay in place. Gain more room for internal personalization. Smile and satisfaction – guaranteed.

    Unique personalization

    words, date, place… Put exactly what and how you want to say in the jewellery. Here uniqueness equals perfection.

    An extra stone

    diamond white, ruby red, or maybe tsavorite green? Add a special color to your jewellery, the shade of your loved one’s eyes, the color of the sky during your first kiss…Make your engagement ring unique.

    Heart-shaped undercut

    a symbol that says more than words. Express your feelings and place a heart-shaped undercut under the side stones. To highlight the uniqueness of the engagement moment even more, you can add a stone of your choice. Red ruby works perfectly here.

    Wedding rings

    Months of preparations and planning, final adjustments to the veil and the bow tie. The wedding day you’ve been waiting for so long has finally come. Emphasize its uniqueness with personalized wedding rings. As a bride and groom, you choose the style, profile and metal using which your rings will be made. It’s time to write your story in them…Attach your handwritten signatures, add the date, leave your fingerprints on them, show your shared passions. Because love has no limits. Perfect fit. You can choose wedding rings that match the engagement ring. And vow love, fidelity and… uniqueness! Both of you will feel the power hidden in diamonds. Placed in wedding rings, it will accompany you on your journey together. Let love shine with the strongest glow! Thanks to the power of tradition and a great passion for jewellery, Novvak Jewellery wedding rings are perfect works of art. Designed using the latest technologies, with attention to every detail, they will make the wedding moment unforgettable.

    The way to perfect wedding rings

    Where to start choosing the perfect ones.

    Choose the profile

    semicircular, flat or flat chamfered.

    Choose the width

    depending on the size of your finger and your preferences. Options: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. You don’t like the width? Choose a customized solution, e.g. 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm.

    Now it’s time for the height

    the standard for wedding rings is 1.5 mm.

    Make it comfortable

    All wedding rings from Novvak Jewellery are slightly rounded inside. This is comfort in the best quality.

    Choose the right metal

    the shade and type of metal is up to you. Novvak Jewellery offers: Rhodium-plated white gold 0.585, Palladium white gold 0.585, Platinum 0.950, Yellow gold 0.585 or 0.750, Rose gold 0.585 or 0.750.

    Choose the finish

    practical polish or original matt? The choice is yours.

    Select and place the stones accordingly

    place the selected gemstones in the wedding rings the way you both want it.

    Take care of uniqueness

    personalization of your wedding rings will make this jewellery truly unique.

    Projects of others – wedding rings

    No idea for original jewellery? Get inspired!
    See how others did it:

    Special Moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Passion for motorcycles.

    They both like classics and motorcycle rides together. We created for them simple, yet modern wedding rings. We used the motif of the rear motorcycle tire Michelin Grip 2 and placed it on the outside of the jewellery. Have a safe trip!

    Special Moment: Wedding.
    Inspiration: Mystery and experience.

    The color black in Eastern culture symbolizes mystery and experience. These unique wedding rings were made of platinum plated with black rhodium plating. White diamonds added uniqueness and illuminated the rings. The men’s ring with the addition of subtle geometric lines captures his character. Inside the rings, branches of a blossoming plum tree at sunset were placed, a symbol of this pair of lovers.

    Special Moment: Wedding.
    Inspiration: Sea

    “Dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.” – Christy Ann Martine. The rings were created in reference to the sea. Looking at the ring, which is a symbol of their love, the lovers additionally see the sea – a reflection of their water passions. The rings were made of precious platinum, which emphasizes the strength of their affection.

    Special Moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Diving.

    A young couple enchanted by the underwater world. Their common passion allowed them to create unique wedding rings inspired by coral reef. Openwork jewellery with a classic profile, in the color of white and pure gold, perfectly emphasized their strong relationship.

    Special Moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Love in Tuscany.

    Florence, located in Tuscany, has been a symbol of artists and stunning architecture for centuries, and for these two – also love. This is how the wedding ring was created. When they look at the lily on the ring, the symbol of Florence, they can go back to how it all started.

    Special Moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Engagement.

    The engagement ring, which started a new life for the lovers, became the motif for creation of their wedding ring. The idea of the jewellery was to create a perfectly matched wedding ring, which would be equally richly decorated and delightful with its glitter. To create this jewellery we used: white gold and diamonds.

    Special Moment: Wedding.
    Inspiration: Music.

    The love of music and a common instrument brought the young couple together. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto became a symbol of their love for the young musicians. At an important moment in the piece, in the soloist’s notes his wife-to-be wrote down “I love you” just before the concert. The instrumentalist played this passage doubly uniquely, because with her and Mozart’s music in mind.

    Special Moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Map of the world.

    “Travelling is the only thing we spend money on that makes us richer.” This has been the motto of this couple for years. Neither of them can imagine life without travelling aroung the world. At the same time, the wedding rings with a map of the world engraved on the inside symbolize the beginning of their new journey. A journey through life. Together. Materials used: diamonds, white and pure gold perfectly emphasized their strong relationship.

    Special Moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Bikes.

    Przejażdżki rowerowe są tym, co towarzyszy im w ich Bicycle rides are what accompanies them in their everyday life as well as during exceptional journeys. This is why bicycle chains and wheels were represented in their wedding rings. They symbolize their passion and the feeling that connects them. To create this jewellery we used: white and yellow gold and diamonds.

    Special Moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Mountain hiking.

    It’s in the mountains that they both felt true freedom. That is why the inspiration to create their wedding rings were the mountain massifs they ascended together. Powerful, strong, invincible – such are not only the engraved mountain peaks in white gold rings. Also, their feelings.

    Special moment: Wedding.
    Inspiration: The unbreakable bond.

    TThe durability and strength of the feeling of lovers became the leitmotif of the engagement ring and then the wedding ring. The delicacy and lightness of form encapsulated in the intertwining design of the women’s wedding ring and the durability and strength of the feeling of lovers, symbolized by diamonds, were perfectly matched to the engagement ring. The diamond ring was made of 14K gold.

    Special moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Symbols of nature.

    The motif of the wedding rings was the sea and blueberries. Sea means water symbolizing life. Blueberries represent longevity. Combined in the form of jewellery, they become an expression of love. Their feeling is highlighted by an anchor incorporated into the ring. To create this jewellery we used: white and rose gold.

    Special moment: Wedding
    Inspiration: Tolkien’s work.

    Tolkien’s work inspired a pair of young people to write down each other’s confessions in Elvish script. The uniqueness of the Tolkien script gave the rings a unique and mysterious feel. The combination of the classic character of the rings, made in 14k gold, with the personalized elfin symbolism creates a very unique effect.

    Special Moment: Wedding. Inspiration: Astrology and zodiac signs.

    Bride and groom – Leo and Gemini. Apparent differences brought together by love. The passion for astrology they share helped create unique wedding rings for this couple. A combination of zodiac signs with the magic number 7 allowed to create jewellery tailored to their individuality.

    Special Moment: Wedding
    Inspiration: The perfect combination.

    The wedding ring composed with the engagement ring has become a beautiful culmination of affection. The shape of the perfectly matched ring further emphasizes and draws attention to the center stone of the engagement ring. The ring was made in yellow 14K gold with diamonds.