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  • Diamonds and investment gold

    Multigenerational passion for diamonds, indestructible power of tradition and solid investment..

    Source of excellence

    Preciousness of our diamonds. Extracted from the most unique deposits of stones. Selected carefully and with the greatest care. Let them adorn you in their purest form.

    Diamond enthusiasts

    When creating our products, we value not only precision, but also passion. And we have a special passion for diamonds. That’s why we never stop. We search the world market to find this unique specimen just for you. This way, we can work at the highest level and you can enjoy the most beautiful diamonds.

    Uniqueness first

    Our products are perfect from the very start. The charm of our diamonds is a result of many years of cooperation with the best diamond cutting centers in the world. It allows us to expose the exclusivity and nobility of minerals – as best as possible.

    Glitter is in details

    Because craftsmanship is in the detail. Novvak understands this perfectly. In our family tradition, we pay attention to the smallest detail – symmetry, proportions, finish. The result is a crystal and beautiful whole. To make the diamond you wear more than perfect.

    Sourcing ethics

    There is ethics behind true beauty. It is an inseparable element of the values we profess and pass on. We check, we investigate, we find out. Our efforts lead to cooperation with honest partners. That’s why every stage of work is legal and clean as our diamonds.

    Novvak Diamonds

    The glitter of our diamonds is not accidental. Novvak Jewellery diamonds are a combination of family ambitions and diligent work based on science and experience.

    Careful selection and high standards of craftsmanship ensure that only the perfect diamond will be found in your jewellery. All Novvak diamonds have a certificate to prove their extremely high quality.

    Color: D (usually chosen by Customers).
    Purity: VS2 – IF.
    Cut: very good – excellent.
    No fluorescence.

    You don’t know what to choose? We guarantee individual expert advice. We will help you choose the perfect diamond. Enjoy the perfect choice.

    Even more special? Hearts&Arrows diamonds

    Want to express your love without using words? You can do it with the unique Hearts&Arrows diamond.

    Perfect symmetry, amazing glitter and subtle Heart and Arrow effects

    Discover the unique charm hidden in the highest quality cut. This kind of perfection is extremely unique. Hearts&Arrows diamonds make up about 3% of all diamonds… Sounds unique, right? Emphasize the strength of your feeling in an equally unique way.

    I bought my first H&A diamond for my wife. No other has ever surprised me so much with its glitter, inner fire and shimmering. I wanted her to have such a special stone. Because she is special.
    – Rajmund Nowak

    Say “I love you” with the most beautiful gemstone in the world.
    To experience unforgettable moments again.

    Laser inscription provides top quality

    Buying a diamond is a serious investment. We guarantee that the transaction is safe and fair. On the girdle of diamonds over 0.30 ct. we place a laser inscription. It has a certificate number and the name of the certification body for easy identification of the stone. You can see the inscription at 10x magnification. Transparent rules and your safety are our priority.

    Diamond selection

    First step to flawless jewellery?
    Diamond selection is a priority.

    What is the source of excellence of our diamonds?

    Passion above all. The deeper our passion for diamonds is, the more we learn about them. We know very well that unique jewellery needs special preparation.

    Each diamond used in our jewellery has to undergo detailed tests. We check, test, and adjust parameters to individual orders…So that the jewellery you receive has the highest quality. Thanks to professional selection, you can be sure that even the smallest diamond will dazzle with glitter.

    Only the most beautiful gemstones fascinate us, which is why we only choose such stones for our Customers. Only the most unique specimens are able to pass our restrictive selection of gemstones
    – Rajmund Nowak

    Not only selection, but also diamond cutting centers guarantee that our gemstones are beautiful.
    We work with the most respected cutting centers in the world. So that the diamonds you wear can express what you want to convey.

    4C selection criterion

    Precise perfection of diamonds. The perfection of diamonds is strictly related with their parameters.
    We evaluate diamonds in terms of weight, color, purity and correctness of cut. It is these four criteria that determine the quality of the stone. Learn more about the 4C method.

    First C – carat

    It’s the mass of the stone. In the history of diamonds, this was the first category by which the quality of diamonds was determined. This is the easiest thing to assess. It is expressed in carats. 1 carat = 0.2 grams

    Second C – color

    Because color matters. And it’s extremely important. Their palette includes diamonds from colorless, through shades of subdued white, and even those with completely different colors, such as yellowish or greyish. The letters from D to Z represent specific color categories:
    D, E, F – colorless.
    G, H, I, J – almost colorless.
    K, L, M – very slightly yellow.
    N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z – slightly yellow.

    Third C – clarity

    The most crystalline diamonds are as clean as a tear. The purity of a stone is affected by its internal and external imperfections. The fewer imperfections, the higher the purity class. Possible imperfections are described by the following categories:
    LC – Loupe Clean Two more categories can be distinguished here: FL – Flawless and
    IF – Internally Flawless.

    VVS1, VVS2 – Very Very Small inclusions – bardzo bardzo małe inkluzje.
    VS1, VS2 – Very Small inclusions – bardzo małe inkluzje.
    Si1, Si2 – Small inclusions – małe inkluzje.
    P1 – Pique prim – znamiona wewnętrzne.
    P2, P3 – Pique secundum, Pique tertium – duże lub liczne znamiona wewnętrzne.

    Fourth C – cut

    This is the final transformation during which a diamond becomes a brilliant. How a diamond is cut affects the way it refracts light. So the cut determines how bright the glitter will be. What is important? When evaluating the quality of cut, the following factors are taken into account: symmetry, proportions and finish.

    Finesse of NOVVAK diamonds

    We try to think outside the box and try to improve our jewellery in many fields.

    An additional diamond category is their shape. You can choose a classic – a round shape in a brilliant cut.

    Want something…different? Choose a fancy finish in various forms: awnings, ovals, tears, emeralds, hearts. And many, many more. The rule is that there are no rules.

    Another important parameter of diamonds is fluorescence. This is a type of luminescence. What does it mean? Diamond emits light when exposed to UV light. It’s usually blue, but the range of colors is wide. From red to green.

    Our customers prefer diamonds without fluorescence because the color or visual perception is not disturbed.

    Certified perfection

    The beauty of our diamonds is certified.

    Certificate of an independent gemological institute

    Proof of authenticity of the parameters that distinguish our diamonds. It’s not just the 4C critetion, but also the dimensions of the stone, its map of proportions or information about fluorescence.

    Diamonds weighing more than 0.30 ct are certified by the most recognized certifying organization, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Each diamond has its own identification number. Once you enter it on the GIA.edu website, you can read all the details about this particular diamond.

    Novvak Jewellery Certificate

    When purchasing jewellery with a gemstone, you receive a Novvak Jewellery certificate. It confirms the metals used (their type and weight) and gemstones (quantity, weight, type, shape or dimensions).

    Flawless investment

    Do you want to invest your capital safely? Investing in diamonds is a good way to keep your savings without worrying about the value of your money.

    Trust the power of diamonds

    Diamonds have been the most coveted gemstones in the world for hundreds of years. For this reason, their value is constantly growing. Do you want to make a gift for a loved one and take care of their future? Giving a diamond is not only a great way to express your feelings.

    Jewellery – perfect investment

    Are you looking for the perfect gift that will also be a capital investment? First of all, consider investing in diamond jewellery. The value of these unusual stones is constantly growing. Diamond jewellery is a perfect combination of natural beauty and artistic sophistication. It is also an investment in a unique work of art that never loses its value. Choose a jewellery from our collection and get a timeless investment.

    Safe capital hidden in a diamond

    Brilliant is a long-term deposit with no interest rate changes. Purchasing a brilliant is a safe investment and a guarantee of profit even in changing market conditions. Unique durability hidden in the brilliant cut will ensure a stable investment that will remain unchanged for a long time. Investing in diamonds is the best move you can make on the chessboard of global capital.

    Invest in unique beauty extracted from the depths of the Earth. Profit is guaranteed.

    Investment gold

    Gold is associated with treasure for a reason. Trust the gold investment power. It will provide you with durability, certainty and, above all, safety.

    Richness of gold

    Wealth, first place on the podium, splendor and incomparable quality. These are just some of the first associations with the majestic word “gold”. For a reason. For thousands of years, gold has been associated with the highest value and abundance.

    This most stable and extremely malleable precious metal continues to gain in value. More and more often, people from all over the world choose gold as a way to invest their capital. 

    Do you want to take care of the future not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones? Do you want to feel confident and safe at the same time? Find out why you should invest in gold with Novvak Jewellery.

    Novvak gold

    Our long-lasting and fervent passion for stones and gemstones resulted in direct contacts and cooperation with the best in the industry. Investment gold provided by Novvak Jewellery comes from the most famous mints and refineries in the world, associated in the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

    We can guarantee the best price, maintaining the highest quality and security of the entire transaction. We should emphasize here that foreign exchange gold is exempt from VAT, which makes it even more attractive. It is a safe and, above all, trustworthy investment of your capital.

    Bars or coins? Investment worth its weight in gold

    Investment gold provided by Novvak Jewellery is available in two basic forms – bullion coins or investment bars. You can choose the weight that is right for you. With Novvak Jewelery, you can have from 1 g to even 1 kg of pure gold! In order to highlight the uniqueness of the product, both on bars and coins, we placed unique motifs.

    Gold bars

    available in various weight variants

    highest quality of material

    from renowned mints associated in the LBMA

    CertiCard or CertiPack packaging – protection and certificate

    information about the weight of the bar and the purity of the precious metal

    individual serial number

    Gold coins

    various weights – from 1/20 oz to 1 oz and even up to 1 kilogram
    (1 oz is 1 troy ounce equal to 31.1034768 g ~31.1 g)

    gold purity at the highest level
    (currently produced coins are usually minted at 99.9% purity)

    coin purity in carats
    (e.g. 20 ct – 91.66% of gold, e.g. American Eagle coin)

    one-ounce coins – number one for our customers

    Novvak Jewellery gold bars

    Are you looking for alternative ways to invest your capital? Choose Novvak Jewellery gold bars.

    Novvak Jewellery gold coins

    Are you looking for an unconventional way to diversify your investment portfolio? Novvak Jewellery gold coins are the perfect solution for you.