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  • Engagement ring

    Feelings hidden in the glitter of jewels. Let her say YES… the best way possible.

    Deciding to share your life with someone is a big deal. Such events deserve to be unforgettable.

    Express your love with the most beautiful diamonds. Polished by the best of the best. Meticulously selected so that they can fully present their elegance.

    Discover the preciousness of our models.
    It’s a timeless classic that people always love. If you need a unique detail, make an appointment with us. Together we will design an engagement ring that will bring a smile to your faces.


    See how you can emphasize the uniqueness of your engagement ring


    It will provide more space for internal personalization. Designer and comfortable. Jewellery that always stays where it belongs.


    Capture what is most precious to you in jewellery. Emotions, memories, quote, date, name, secrets known only to you. Capture their meaning perfectly.


    Emphasize the uniqueness of your engagement ring by adding a unique stone. It’s up to you to decide which shade is best for you.

    shaped undercut

    Express your feelings and add a heart-shaped undercut under the side stones. You can put a selected stone in it that will express more than words.


    Make the beginning of your story special.
    Does the perfect engagement ring exist?
    With the help of our designer, nothing is impossible.

    About Novvak quality

    Experience family quality.
    We believe in the power of tradition which inspires us. This is another generation of people who inherit knowledge of jewellery… and still learn more. Such experience give us quality you can rely on.

    Excellence is not only talent, but also workmanship. The doctoral dissertation process of our designer in the field of jewellery at the Academy of Fine Arts proves it perfectly. Because mastery doesn’t come out of nowhere. Novvak jewellery has won awards in competitions such as Solidscape Design Competition in Las Vegas and the Luxury Brand of the Year. And we keep raising the bar. To adorn you with mastery.

    We create what you value most in jewellery – reliability, durability and individuality.
    Experience new standards. Discover jewellery that speaks.

    You’ll love our products.

    Jewellery design is more than a passion for us. All our products are created in accordance with global trends and are original projects of Marcin Nowak – a graduate and lecturer at the Department of Jewellery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
    Experience their beauty.

    Preciousness of our diamonds

    Extracted from the most unique deposits of stones. Selected carefully and with the greatest care. Let them adorn you in their purest form.


    When creating our products, we value not only precision, but also passion. And we have a special passion for diamonds. That’s why we never stop. We search the world market to find this unique specimen just for you. This way, we can work at the highest level and you can enjoy the most beautiful diamonds.


    Our products are perfect from the very start. The charm of our diamonds is a result of many years of cooperation with the best diamond cutting centers in the world. It allows us to expose the exclusivity and nobility of minerals – as best as possible.

    Glitter is in

    Because craftsmanship is in the detail. Novvak understands this perfectly. In our family tradition, we pay attention to the smallest detail – symmetry, proportions, finish. The result is a crystal and beautiful whole. To make the diamond you wear more than perfect.


    There is ethics behind true beauty. It is an inseparable element of the values we profess and pass on. We check, we investigate, we find out. Our efforts lead to cooperation with honest partners. That’s why every stage of work is ethical and clean as our diamonds.

    Investment diamonds

    Flawless investment. Diamonds impress many with their beauty. Even investors who put their trust in them. This is the result of their purchasing power, lasting for many decades. Minerals bring stable profits at the lower end of the scale. That’s why they are called “investment diamonds”. Experience the indestructibility of diamonds. Investing in diamonds is building capital for the next generations.