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    Experience quality that delights with its beauty.

    About us

    There is experience behind the perfection of NOVVAK jewellery. We’ve been gaining it since 1980. It is then that Ryszard Nowak opens his first goldsmith workshop and our journey begins. During this time, he also obtains the highest possible title – Goldsmith Master. He demonstrates his remarkable jewellery skills using gold entrusted to him.

    He passes the art of craftsmanship on to the next generations, which together in 2013 decide to share their profession with the world. Years of practice, knowledge and passion for gold in one brand. Discover the highest quality of Novvak Jewellery.

    Traditional jewellery techniques are embedded in the technological present. Enjoy the truly sparkling beauty of gems enclosed in NOVVAK jewellery.

    Jewellery that people talk about

    We shared our passion for diamonds and gold in “Pytanie na śniadanie” – a morning TV show.

    About Novvak quality

    Being renowned for the most luxurious jewellery in the world is never a coincidence. Never.

    NOVVAK is an electrifying mix of the power of tradition and multi-generational passion for diamonds, an uncompromising need to create perfect projects. This is also the result of many years of partnership with the most elite diamond cutting centers cooperating with, among others, Cartier and Tiffany as well as certified diamond mines.

    NOVVAK is a brand awarded all around the world that Sir Richard Branson chose to decorate his uniforms on the world’s first commercial spaceflight.

    NOVVAK is more than jewellery and jewels whose shape and glitter are awarded in the most important competitions. It is, above all, nobility resulting from history, knowledge, awareness, the highest ethical standards, which will be the most beautiful setting for your priceless moments.

    Novvak History

    Being renowned for the most luxurious jewellery in the world is never a coincidence. Never.

    Top class since 1980

    We have been gaining knowledge that translates into quality for a long time.

    The history of our passion for jewelery began in the last century. In the 1970s, Ryszard Nowak – the founding father of Novvak Jewellery – acquires the title of journeyman and in 1980 he opens the first goldsmith workshop, where he repairs and creates jewellery. Four years later he becomes a Master Craftsman. This opened up a number of new possibilities in developing his workshop. From that moment, he could educate the goldsmiths working for him and expand the scope of his services. And it’s not over yet. In 1989, our founder obtains an equally important title of jewelery commodity expert in the field of examination, valuation and commercial trading of diamonds. It’s craftsmanship that makes it possible for you to wear top-class jewellery.

    Family passion passed between generations

    Ryszard Nowak began to pass on the art of craftsmanship to his sons. In their younger days, they observed the masterpieces of goldsmithing.

    Their fascination turned into practice. The future co-founders of the brand were introduced to the workshop. This resulted in more and more experience in handcrafting jewellery. Apart from knowledge, their father inspired them to create the extraordinary.

    Multigenerational pioneering

    The brand gained more and more recognition. The workshop was constantly improving and modernizing – newer and newer machines were implemented allowing for greater accuracy and reliability in creation. Our work began to reach higher and higher levels. We constantly spread the passion for jewellery. We opened more jewellery stores. Not just ordinary stores. Stores with laboratories used for reseach and valuation. It is for a reason that the founder of the brand in 2004 became a certified expert in diamonds. That’s why the diamonds you receive come from the best cutting centers and undergo a professional selection process.

    Education – key to the highest quality

    We are constantly improving our work to provide you with jewellery refined to the smallest detail. We have traveled a path that led us to unconventional and delightful jewellery. From being inspired by his father’s work, through practice in the workshop, to continuous education in the field of goldsmithing.

    Marcin Nowak took up studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź to deepen his knowledge of jewellery design. He paid special attention to openwork jewellery, which is the subject of his doctoral thesis. Jewellery created in an unconventional way – using modern technologies, such as parametric design and generative techniques.

    Excellence is also in the functioning of the brand. Rajmund Nowak, who developed his business talent at the Cracow University of Economics, knows this very well. Then he worked and trained in American corporations. He learned there how to talk to clients, run companies and develop businesses. With one purpose – to manage his dad’s jewellery stores and then the NOVVAK brand. With excellence.

    The NOVVAK Jewellery brand, created in 2013, encompasses all those years. Family passion is our strength. The experience passed from generation to generation can be seen in unusual jewellery designs… and our attention to details. It’s more than passion. It’s an adventure we want to invite you to. To delight. To make dreams come true. To show how unique the jewellery you wear can be.

    How do we create?

    Marcin Nowak is responsible for the aesthetics of our products. He’s a designer constantly craving innovation. Appreciating perfection in every little detail.


    It is a technique that was acquired not only thanks to a jewellery taste, but also work. The years spent at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź resulted in an open doctoral dissertation process in the field of parametric jewellery design with the use of technology.

    Our designer pays special attention to the use of modern design methods in goldsmithing.

    3D computer design allows to create intelligent jewellery. Adorn yourself with jewellery that brings beauty, values and above all … has a thought. It’s not just jewellery. It’s contemporary art, created like never before.

    An unconventional approach makes all of our projects unique. Renowned names in the jewellery world know this very well. It is for a reason that Marcin Nowak has won awards in Poland and elsewhere. The perfection of details and the freshness of modern technologies are appreciated by industry people from all over the world.

    Modern science in practice (technologies)

    Constantly developing technologies allow us to create jewellery prototypes before they are actually created.

    This is possible thanks to the 3D design and printing method.

    We can visualize our ideas graphically. This allows us to achieve the highest precision. And you can be sure that the decorations you wear are made at the highest level.

    The development of technology has become a tool for us that allows us to reflect our visions as accurately as possible. Also, to reflect your expectations of jewellery. To make it exactly the same as you imagine it.

    How beauty is created

    In design, even the smallest detail invisible at first glance is important.
    – Marcin Nowak


    This is when the idea is born. We prepare the first design of our jewellery.


    At this stage, we transfer our concept onto… a computer screen. Using photorealistic visualizations of jewellery, we can create a unique project for which we choose the right type of metal and stone color. That’s why we can create perfectly harmonized creations.


    We put our ideas into practice. Literally. We use 3D printers to see what our future gems are going to look like.

    Endless possibilities

    We can pursue our passion without limits. With the highest quality. Technologies allow us to create beauty whose value lies in the detail. This is modern precision in creation.


    NOVVAK jewellery constantly proves its craftsmanship and quality, winning the most famous competitions in the goldsmith industry.

    Award of the Minister of Economy

    in 2015, we received the first award of the Minister of Economy for consistent and dynamic development of design with the latest technologies, setting new trends and promoting new minerals in jewellery.

    Luxury Brand of the Year

    this award was given to us in 2015 for creating original jewellery with gemstones of the highest quality.

    Solidscape Design Competition, Las Vegas USA

    we are conquering the jewelery market not only in Poland, but also around the world. We started in Las Vegas. in 2018, we won a gold medal for our parametric ring design at a jewellery fair.

    Customer Competition at Baselworld

    Marcin Nowak, who represented Poland in 2013, received the Global Silver Award for the designed jewellery.

    “Designed in Poland” Exhibition in Bulgaria

    In 2014, Novvak Jewellery takes the third place for the most eye-catching element of the entire exhibition.

    Medals won in the jewellery discipline

    Knowledge passed for two generations cannot go unnoticed. Our creations impress not only with their beauty, but also with solid and careful workmanship. Our products are admired by the most respected people in the jewellery world. We are constantly expanding our horizons to decorate you with indestructible and beautiful diamonds.

    Media about us

    Novvak Jewellery gives interviews, appears in the press, social media and even on television. Here’s the proof:

    Solidscape Design Competition, Las Vegas

    Gold Medal – Our designer, Marcin Nowak, wins a Gold Medal at the largest jewellery fair in Las Vegas.

    “Pytanie na śniadanie” morning show

    Being live on TV was an unforgettable moment. We could present ourselves, our passion and its products to a wider audience.

    „Łódzkie Eureka” award

    Marcin Nowak wins a “Łódź Eureka” award. This distinction is awarded for outstanding scientific, artistic and technical achievements of international and national importance. It is awarded to artists working for the development of Łódź as a scientific and academic centre.

    Congress – investment jewellery

    At the Polish Luxury Market Summit, our brand was mentioned in a discussion on investment jewellery. Why? Because Novvak meets the requirements of conscious luxury. Luxury of quality determined by our effort and passion.

    Gold and Jewellery Fair – “Gold, Silver, Time”

    Receiving the Award of the Minister of Economy was another important step in gaining experience. We were appreciated for the development of design with the use of technology, setting new trends and promoting new minerals in the Csarite collection.


    People we value visit us. Together, we create projects that reflect values, interests and emotions. This makes our jewellery so special.

    Luxury Goods Report

    A KPMG publication on the luxury market in Poland mentioned Novvak as a brand providing luxury goods. An interview was conducted with Rajmund Nowak about the jewellery market in Poland, the conclusion of which was exclusivity. It is visible in the jewels offered by Novvak not only in terms of technique of execution, but also unique design.

    WESELE magazine

    The jewellery designs we created have been awarded as one of the most beautiful celebrity jewellery.

    QUALITY magazine

    In one of the issues of the Quality magazine was an article about our work – its processes and effects.


    We keep emphasizing that our strength is family. We have been passing our skills and passion for two generations, which was mentioned by the “Osobowości i sukcesy” magazine.

    Inhorgenta’s 2015 Daily News during the jewellery show in Munich (2015)

    People also talk about us abroad. During a jewellery show in Munich, our brand was distinguished and we were mentioned in the press.