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    Special moments in your life deserve
    for a unique capture.


    Imagine that you are waiting for an answer to one of the most important questions in your life. Heart beating at the speed of light. Indescribable excitement. After all, the engagement is the beginning of a wonderful story. Your story.

    Let Novvak jewellery emphasize how precious this moment is. And make it even more special. Discover the most stunning engagement rings. See for yourself how special the glitter of gemstones is.

    Say YES!

    At sunset? During a romantic dinner in an elegant restaurant? Or maybe … in the privacy of your home? It is up to you where your journey will begin. This special moment deserves an unforgettable setting.

    Mysterious contents of a small box.

    The perfect engagement ring exists.

    Here’s the proof:

    Highest world standard

    Novvak polishes diamonds in the most elite manufactories. Just like Cartier and Tiffanny. That’s why the glitter of Novvak stones is so incomparable and everlasting.

    Masterful glitter lasting for many generations

    Novvak jewellery is the highest level of diamond cut parameters, i.e. symmetry, proportions and finish. And special occasions require unique jewellery.

    Beauty is good

    Novvak is above all sincere. We carefully select precious stones and use only legal, proven sources. Give the love of your life a gift that is not only beautiful, but also true.


    Until death do you part. Unforgettable moments require emphasizing their uniqueness. A wedding is a wonderful start.

    Your other half on your finger

    A wedding ring is not only a great decoration, but also a symbol of true, undying love. That’s why Novvak creates stunning designs tailored to your needs and the precious magic of this dream day is captured in unique jewellery.

    Wedding rings inspired by beauty, refined with your story

    Every relationship has its secrets. Novvak, taking care of the selection of the best gemstones, their proportions and finish, prepares unique projects the true history of which is known only to you. Popular engravings of your names and the wedding date, or maybe a shared passion for travelling, favorite movie or place of your first date? Even the sky is not the limit here.

    See unique ideas of others and create a unique wedding ring design.

    Perfect combination for many generations

    You can express a happy marriage by matching the ring to the engagement ring. A harmonious duet will emphasize not only the uniqueness of your dream wedding day, but also your exceptional love.


    Nothing enriches like experience. Especially shared experience. Inspired by emotions, we create jewellery that preserves what is most important to you. Give your other half a symbol of the years spent together and your strength. More durable than many stones.

    A bond that needs to be nurtured

    Sharing your ambitions, passions, moments… everyday life. Mutual support and strength. Common values and experience accumulated over the years. It is the most beautiful and durable of all stones – love.

    “I love you” in many ways

    You can bet on a timeless classic. Show your feelings in a noble way. Just like the glitter of our collections of the most beautiful gemstones. Their beauty depends on their origin. Our jewels are obtained from ethical sources, and the most renowned cutting centers are responsible for their perfect details. Give a gift of craftsmanship created from scratch.

    Do you need something really speacial?

    Celebrate the years you’ve spent together. Celebrate yourselves. Express what connects you in your own style. Tell us what connects you and we will capture it in the form of jewellery. Make a unique symbol for both of you. A symbol of everything you’ve been through together and what’s yet to come. So that you can celebrate every moment. Together.


    The conception of a new life is an important moment in the life of every family. Capture your love in jewellery. Give it to your child. It will be not only a memento, but also a symbol of exceptional feelings.

    Stories captured in jewellery

    You should celebrate life from its very beginning. Especially the little ones deserve a commemoration of their most important moments. Give jewellery that will become a memento of early years. Let the preciousness of gemstones remind you of the important moments for your child.

    Beauty right from the start

    The arrival of a new family member is a unique experience and intense emotions. Every next moment of a child’s life – the first steps taken or words spoken – are equally important. Capture them with carefully selected gemstones. So that each of them expresses what you want … at the highest level.

    Gift from the bottom of your heart

    The first celebrations are unforgettable moments – for the child and the family. Capture these moments in delicate jewellery. Let it subtly remind you of important moments. Show your care in a unique way. It can be an important date for the child or name. Capture your tenderness in unique jewellery.

    Give preciousness

    Give not only jewellery, but also values. We pass them in our family tradition. From generation to generation. To create the most perfect jewellery. To give your child something that will last.

    Special occasions

    Celebrate life in an unforgettable way. Let the irresistible charm of jewellery remind you of magical moments. In crystal form, they will not only cease to be fleeting. They will also represent joy, laughter and tears associated with them.

    Cherish memories

    Life is made up of beautiful moments that deserve attention. Capture fleeting moments and give jewellery that delights. Decorate yourself and your loved ones with what is unique.

    Because every occasion is like a diamond

    Make a unique graduation memento. Show gratitude to your parent on their day. Show your love on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate successes in your career. Celebrate the most beautiful moments with friends. There are many occasions. All of them should be captured.

    Diamonds created for you

    A smile, a tear of happiness, a hug from your loved ones… You can keep it. Novvak Jewellery is created with values and for values. Capture what you want to convey. In your own unique style. Give jewellery what is important to you.

    Passions, emotions, moments… Let your jewellery make you happy.