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  • Bow ring with openwork (panther) in yellow gold

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    Openwork bow ring in yellow gold, is part of a collection using the bow motif. Always delightful. An ideal choice for those seeking excitement in jewelry sparkle.


    Shipping up to 4- 6 weeks


    Gripping perfection

    The bow ties have been a motif for years accompanying the most beautiful and important moments.
    Let their timeless beauty accompany you as well.

    The openwork (panther) bow ring in yellow gold with diamonds is an ideal choice for those who opt for the classics. Designed by the jewelry artist Marcin Nowak, it is characterized by the greatest care.

    The ring is made of yellow 14 karat (0.585) gold.

    The whole is topped with a row of white diamonds and an approximately 3mm tsavorite located in the center.

    Along with the jewelry you will receive a certificate from Novvak Jewellery.
    This is a document confirming the metals and precious stones used by us.
    Diamonds weighing more than 0.30 ct are certified by independent institutes such as GIA.

    This is a guarantee of the quality you receive.

    Jewelry created on your terms: personalization

    Your emotions and desires are what you convey with your jewelry. Express them by personalizing it.
    Give uniqueness and make the moment more than memorable.

    The color of the jewelry may differ from the actual color due to the settings of your monitor.

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