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  • Colorful Stories diamond choker

    3 000,00 

    The diamond choker is part of the Colorful Stories collection.
    The Colorful Stories collection was created for traditional souls living in the modern world.


    Colorful Stories Classic is noble simplicity with subtle details that make it unique.

    Choker – short necklace.

    White diamond D-F/VS2 approx. 3 mm.

    Two chains.

    Yellow gold sample 0.585.

    Two degrees of adjustment: length 32,5 cm or 37,5 cm.

    The jewelry comes with a certificate from Novvak Jewellery.

    It confirms the metals used (their type and weight) and gemstones (quantity, weight, type, shape, dimensions, etc.).

    This is a guarantee of the quality you receive.

    The color of the jewelry may differ from the actual color due to the settings of your monitor.

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