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  • Tuxedo buttons – yellow gold with diamonds

    20 000,00 

    Tuxedo buttons are a solution for those who appreciate original solutions in addition to elegance.
    Tuxedo buttons become an integral part of a unique whole.

    Shipping up to 4- 6 weeks


    Elegance measured in detail
    The aesthetics of designer tuxedo buttons are gaining importance. It is not uncommon for them to become the choice for men who want to stand out by wearing unique jewelry.

    Original classics
    The chicness will be taken care of by the workmanship of the buttons: designed in white gold, covered with diamonds. You will see the exquisiteness of the buttons in the precious stones with which they are decorated.

    Match their color according to your taste:
    classic black,
    uncommon green,
    deep red.

    The object of purchase is four pieces of buttons according to the specifications on the website.

    The jewelry color shown may differ from the actual color due to your monitor settings.

    Interested in a different form or color of stones or metal? Get in touch with us!
    Write to: info@novvak.com or call +48 222 99 07 07.

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