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  • Men’s bracelet – Brown


    The brown men’s bracelet is an ideal choice for any man who wears elegance regardless of the occasion.

    The bracelet is a first-class decoration that perfectly fulfills its role thanks to its practicality.

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    Perceivable classics

    Men’s bracelets are becoming an indispensable part not only of elegance for special occasions, but also of the everyday one. Finished with the utmost care, they can be a versatile adornment. Always equally delightful.

    Jewelers’ precision synonymous with perfection

    Men’s bracelets are proof of the utmost care: they are all braided by hand in Poland. On each of them you will find an amber at the end, the Novvak logo on silver material and a skull in the same color. Choose the color of the bracelet that best suits you, made of silver and stones: amber, agate, bronzite and smoky quartz.

    Personalized perfection

    For those who want to add a symbolic dimension to their bracelet, we offer personalized personalization.

    When you need answers to more questions

    Choosing the perfect matching jewelry even requires questions. Here you’ll find basic information about jewelry quality, personalization and fulfillment.

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