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  • Skull pin – black


    The skull-black pin is a combination of craftsmanship excellence and unconventional aesthetics.
    For those who boldly display their elegance.

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    Extravagant aesthetics

    The jacket pin, with its originality, becomes a reflection of elegance on contemporary principles.

    Innovation bordering on tradition

    The use of the skull motif is an example of how bold ideas can be sewn into timeless jewelry.
    This is an accessory of intriguing character that will perfectly complement the outfit of today’s gentleman.

    Pin dimensions:
    5.5 x 1.2 cm.

    The pins are made of silver rhodium plated with black rhodium.

    Choose the color to suit you:


    The object of purchase is a navy pin in black.
    Experience the power of combining traditional jewelry art with the avant-garde.

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