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  • Fingerprint cufflinks in white gold

    10 000,00 

    Cufflinks with your fingerprint are jewelry for every man who consciously chooses the highest quality accessories. For those who are looking for a custom approach to self-expression.

    Available on backorder

    Shipping up to 4- 6 weeks


    The style of individuality. Cufflinks with the motif of your own fingerprints is the novelty of personalized jewelry.

    An ornament that you are sure to delight. Sunk in black enamel, it emphasizes its uniqueness.

    Made of white gold, it becomes a complement of unique chic.

    Enduring elegance

    We combine timeless classics with practicality.

    Make the jewelry uniquely yours. Personalize:

    type of metal,
    the shape of the pin – square or oval,
    fingerprint lines – the same on both pins.

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